Stefan Hammel is a child and family therapist, a hypnotherapist and a chaplain in a psychiatric and a general hospital in Kaiserslautern, Germany. He studied Theology in Aberdeen (Scotland), Leipzig and Heidelberg (Germany), and has trained in Systemic Therapy and Child Hypnotherapy. He is a member of the German Milton Erickson Society for Clinical Hypnosis and has led seminars in the UK, France, USA, South Africa and other countries. For further information on the author and a blog with therapeutic stories in English, French and Spanish, see:


Stefan Hammel is the author of several books and other media about therapeutic storytelling, including "Handbook of Therapeutic Storytelling" ,  "The Blade of Grass in the Desert" and "Therapeutic Interventions in Three Sentences"  in English.

English books

Transforming Lives With Hypno-Systemic Therapy – A Practical Guide


- The basic book on hypnosystemic work
- A popular topic for psychological training and further education
- The first basic book on hypnosystemic therapy
- Practical and with many examples


Hypnosystemic therapy methods have been enriching psychological counselling with great success for over 25 years. Now, for the first time, an introductory book and basic work is available for all those who want to integrate this creative approach into their services. Stefan Hammel goes into the basic assumptions and therapeutic strategies and conveys the therapeutic tools in a practical way using many examples.  Elements of systemic therapy, hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson and parts and constellation work are combined to create an independent, new approach.  The client's perceptions and interpretations are viewed as a film, as it were, which is gradually adapted until a coherent experience of competence and behaviour emerges, which is further consolidated in therapy or counselling.


This (german) 300-page basic work explains the sources of hypnosystemic therapy, the principles and mechanisms underlying hypnosystemic work, the ideas behind the development and resolution of problematic experiences and the role played by an understanding of role and identity, trauma and conflict. Different types of intervention are described in detail and illustrated with many examples of individual interventions. The book is rounded off with an index of individual interventions, diagnoses and problems as well as important people, institutions and publications in the field.


Target group

Psychotherapists, psychologists, non-medical practitioners, social pedagogues, interested patients, doctors, counsellors.


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Therapeutic Interventions in Three Sentences: Reshaping Ericksonian Hypnotherapy by Talking to the Brain and Body


Following tenets set out by Milton Erickson, Therapeutic Interventions in Three Sentences: Reshaping Ericksonian Hypnotherapy by Talking to the Brain and Body presents an array of short, effective commands which have been developed for use in connection with a wide range of mental and psychosomatic disorders.

Examining in detail the basic building blocks which must be in place in order for someone to send an effective command to his or her sub-conscious mind, the book presents an elegant way of using informal variations of Ericksonian hypnotherapy in awake states and transferring these principles to a variety of therapeutic settings. The methods described follow specific rules derived from hypnotherapy but can be integrated into any other form of counselling or therapy and can be used in short sessions, in telephone consultations and with patients in critical states, as well as conversations of a therapeutic nature by non-therapeutic professionals. The book explains why and how these interventions work, their general structure, and how they can be used to tackle specific needs such as trauma, depression, and anxiety disorders.

The book will be of great interest to counsellors, doctors and therapists of different orientations who are looking for therapeutic methods that can be used in short sessions or with patients in critical states, as well as non-therapeutic professionals who engage in conversations of a therapeutic nature, such as social workers, pastors, nurses, carers and teachers.


ISBN 9780367342029

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Handbook of Therapeutic Storytelling

Stories and Metaphors in Psychotherapy, Child and Family Therapy, Medical Treatment, Coaching and Supervision


The book enables people in the healing professions to utilise storytelling, pictures and metaphors as interventions to help their patients.


Communicating in parallel worlds and using simple images and solutions can help to generate positive attitudes, which can then be nurtured and enhanced to great effect. Following an "Introduction" to the therapeutic use of stories, which closes with helpful "Instructions for use", the book is divided into two parts, both of which contain a series of easily accessible chapters. Part One includes stories with specific therapeutic applications linked to symptoms and situations. Part Two explains and investigates methods and offers a wide range of tools; these include trance inductions, adaptation hints, reframing, the use of metaphor and intervention techniques, how stories can be structured, and how to invent your own. The book also contains a detailed reference section with cross-referenced key words to help you find the story or tool that you need.


With clear guidance on how stories can be applied to encourage positive change in people, groups and organisations, the Handbook of Therapeutic Storytelling is an essential resource for psychotherapists and other professions of health and social care in a range of different settings, as well as coaches, supervisors and management professionals.


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The Blade of Grass in the Desert

Storytelling: Forgotten Medicine for healing the Soul A Story of 100 Storys for Counseling and Therapy


The book reveals through 100 stories, how storytelling itself is the forgotten medicine for healing the soul.


The story begins with the King who is sad about the depression in his land and hopes that the adventure and mystery of storytelling can alleviate the misery. Following an idea of the king's wise men he calls out a conference of storytellers to be held at his court. The stories which are told at the kings court within the ten days of the conference represent ten major fields of storytelling as "partnership", "family life", "loss and berievement", "work" and "health". During the nights a second frame story containing further stories reveils the secrets of therapeutic storytelling.


There is a commentary to each story at the end of the book concerning its therapeutic use as well as a key word register and a detailed explanation for the therapist to understand the background and theory behind storytelling, linked to hypnotherapy, systemic therapy and NLP techniques.

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"Island of Love"

Couple Therapy Map (English)


The map "Island of Love" (size A1) is printed in black & white and laminated, incl. 7 stones. The map is available in German and English.


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French books

Sous le signe de la relation

Mit Beiträgen von Stefan Hammel, Karine Audeguy, Christine Guilloux u.a.m.



2018, Égriselles-le Bocage, la Gazette89 éditions, 225 pages


Textes, poésies, photographies, interventions: Des regards informels et diversifiés sur les mouvements de notre temps, sans attitude doctrinale mais au travers du vécu des contributeurs, un ouvrage collectif sous la direction de Christine Guilloux.


P. 13-18: Karine Audeguy: „Qu‘est-ce que vie en toi sous le signe de la relation? Dyade méditative“ / p. 137-142: Stefan Hammel: „Les histoires peuvent changer la vie. Redécouvrir des anciens chemins de sagesse pour trouver le nôtre“

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Other books

Ghid de povestiri terapeutice

„Handbuch des therapeutischen Erzählens“ in rumänischer Übersetzung




Ghid de povestiri terapeutice. Povești și metafore în psihoterapie, în terapia copilului și a familiei, în medicină, coaching și supervizare - Stefan Hammel


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